Price : $21.99
Brand : CPTDCL

10A Waterproof Solar Charge Controller PWM Solar Panel Regulator for 12V/24V Solar Charging

10A PWM Waterproof Solar Charge Controller for 12V/24V Solar Charging
1. MCU control
2. Load turns on work, LVR can be set up
3. Overload protection, Short circuit protection,Reverse discharge protection,
Reverse polarity connection protection,Thunder and lighting protection, Overcharge protection
4. Applicable for streetlamps
5. Light-control technology
6. Working state display
7. Water-proof, Moiseture-proof, Dust-proof(IP67 grade)
8. PMW safe charging mode

Working Mode
1. Button Mode (Manual switching load)
2. Light Controlled Mode (Load switch is controlled by solar panels
photosensitive control and timing control)
3. Light control turn on delay off mode.
4. Circulation model (With Clock Fuction)
5.MPPT charging mode,Maximum power point tracking automatically

Tech Specs:
voltage range of solar panel: 15V-40V
¡¡ Battery voltage: 12V-24V
Max output current: 10A
Max charging current: 10A
Recommended solar panel power: 12V(80W), 24V(160W), 12V(120W), 24V(240W)
Battery capacity: 60AH
Overload current protection: 1.2times rated current,auto recovery in 15s
Short circuit protection: Quick short circuit protection
Low voltage recovery output: 12V system 12.5V/24V system 25V
Floating charge voltage: 12V system 13.9V/24V system 27.8V
Battery low voltage protection: 12V system 10.5V/24V system 21V
Battery over-voltage protection: 12V system 14.7V/24V system 29.4V
System standby power consumtion: <10mA


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