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Harness It: Renewable Energy Technologies and Project Development Models Transforming the Grid

Considering the increasing importance of renewable energy for climate change mitigation, this book provides an overview of how renewable energy sources are integrated into the grid to promote better understanding … Continue reading

Prepper’s Total Grid Failure Handbook: Alternative Power, Energy Storage, Low Voltage Appliances and Other Lifesaving Strategies for Self-Sufficient Living

The ultimate guide to creating, storing and utilizing lifesaving power in the most critical circumstances Batteries don’t last forever. To successfully survive a long-term disaster, you’ll need self-reliant, renewable electricity. … Continue reading

Energy Switch: Proven Solutions for a Renewable Future

Declining oil supplies and the environmental impact of coal dictate a switch to renewable energy sources for a sustainable future. Written for a popular audience, Energy Switch details this momentous … Continue reading

LEED AP BD+C V4 Exam Practice Tests (Building Design & Construction)

TEST AND REINFORCE YOUR KNOWLEDGE WHILE IDENTIFYING THE WEAK SPOTS! The LEED AP BD+C V4 Exam Practice Tests book is designed to provide the reader with a real exam simulation … Continue reading

LEED AP BD+C V4 Exam Complete Study Guide (Building Design & Construction)

PASS THE LEED AP BD+C EXAM WITH FLYING COLORS! The LEED AP BD+C V4 Exam Complete Study Guide helps the reader to learn, rather than to memorize the essential information … Continue reading

Renewable Energy: A Primer for the Twenty-First Century (Columbia University Earth Institute Sustainability Primers)

From wood to coal to oil and gas, the sources of energy on which civilization depends have always changed as technology advances. Now renewables are overtaking fossil fuels, with wind … Continue reading

Solar Radiation, Modelling and Remote Sensing

Accurate solar radiation knowledge and its characterization on the Earth’s surface are of high interest in many aspects of environmental and engineering sciences. Modeling of solar irradiance from satellite imagery … Continue reading

Designing Climate Solutions: A Policy Guide for Low-Carbon Energy

With the effects of climate change already upon us, the need to cut global greenhouse gas emissions is nothing less than urgent. It’s a daunting challenge, but the technologies and … Continue reading

The Biofuel Delusion

Faced with the twin threats of peak oil and climate change, many governments have turned for an answer to the apparent panacea of biofuels. Yet, increasingly, the progressive implementation of … Continue reading

Solar Photovoltaic Basics

This book explains the science of photovoltaics (PV) in a way that most people can understand, using the curriculum which reflects the core modules of the NABCEP Associate Exam. Whether … Continue reading