Brand : WindyNation

28 inch HyperSpin Series Aluminum Wind Turbine Generator Blades

Durable Small Wind Turbine Blades for Wind Power! These blades are designed to spin fast while providing good power! Light-weight and strong, we use ultra-smooth dies in our manufacturing process which helps eliminate surface defects. If you live in an area that sees winds above 12 mph, then these blades will ensure your small wind turbine performs to spec! Perfect for Ametek motors, treadmill motors, servo motors, Delco alternators and other types of permanent magnet motors. WindyNation HyperSpin blades are made from aircraft-grade aluminum and come with a powder coated steel hub and stainless steel mounting hardware. HyperSpin blades work well on permanent magnet alternators in the 1000 Watt and under category, and on the following wind generators and PMAs: AirX wind generators, Hornet wind generators, WindBlue PMA, Any other wind generators/PMAs in this power range. These blades are designed to get your small wind turbine up to speed quick. If you want to deliver more torque to your PMA-driven wind generator with a lower start-up wind speed, you should consider the 5-blade HyperSpin series.


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