Price : $52.50
Brand : Galley Power LLC

30A Low Voltage Battery Disconnect, 12V/24V Auto Detect

Blue wire-> Load+
Black wire-> GND
Red wire-> Batt+

GPC-1015B-R is a low voltage disconnect.
It disconnects attached load if the battery voltage drops below predefined threshold.
It reconnects the load when the battery is recharged.

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Ten threshold options set by rotary selector
For 12V battery: 2, 9.3V; 3, 9.7V; 4, 10.1V; 5, 10.5V; 6, 10.9V; 7, 11.3V; 8, 11.7V; 9, 12.1V
For 24V battery: 2, 18.6V; 3, 19.4V; 4, 20.2V; 5, 21.0V; 6, 21.8V; 7, 22.6V; 8, 23.4V; 9, 24.2V
When selector=0, OFF: Disconnect power from the load. (When rotated to 2~9, the unit will stay off until reconnect threshold is reached.)
When selector=1, ON: Connect power to the load if no pending fault. (When rotated to 2~9, the switch will stay on until disconnect threshold is reached.)
Recessed selector. See GPC-1015B-F for waterproof flushed selector option.

Ultra low pass-through impedance 2.2mΩ
Ultra low standby current 0.26mA in 12V mode and 0.65mA in 24V mode
Low normal operating current 3.5mA in 12V mode and 5.8mA in 24V mode
Automatic 12V/24V battery detection
10 threshold options
Recess rotary selector for better setting protection
Max continuous current: 30A under full temperature range -40~130⁰F
Red-Green dual color LED display for battery monitoring and fault reporting
Low noise and low interference by solid-state switch
Comprehensive protections
Dimension: 80x40x20mm w/ flanged lid
1-year limited warranty


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