Price : $77.99
Brand : A2Z Ozone

A2Z Ozone Aquatic Spa & Hot Tub Ozone Generator | Maintenance Free | Chemical Free | Up to 1,500 Gallons

The Aquatic Spa Ozone Generator is designed to decrease reliance on harmful chemicals in spas up to 1,500 gallons or 5,678 liters. The Aquatic is maintenance free and helps maintain crystal clear water in your spa without the need for additional skin irritating chemicals. The unit produces 300 mg/hour of ozone gas that is introduced to the spa water through suction created by the spa injector, creating a vacuum like suction that pulls the ozone out of the unit and into your spa’s water. IMPORTANT: For this product to work effectively, a correct sized Venturi Injector is needed. Please note, you will start to slightly smell the ozone approximately 3 days after starting, this is because in the first 3 days of use, all of the ozone is being used to clean the water.


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