Brand : AGPtEK

AGPtek® 30A Solar Panel Power Battery Charge Controller / Regulator 12V / 24V 30 Amp with PWM Type of Charging (Automatic Lighting Control + Time Functions)

1.Voltage: 12V/24V Auto Switch
2.Charge current: 30A
3.Load current: 30A
4.Empty load consumption:¡Ü6MA
5.Charge Circuit Voltage Drop:¡Ü0.26v
6.Discharge Circuit Voltage Drop:¡Ü0.15
7.Over voltage Protection:17V ,X2/24V
8.Increase Charge Voltage:14.6v,x2/24v(10min when discharging)
9.Direct Charge Voltage:14.4v,x2/24v(10min)
10.Float Charging:13.6v,x2/24v(till come down to charging recovery voltage)
11.Temperature compensation (mV/C): -5mv/¡æ/2v
12.Operating temperature: -35 ~ +55C
13.Control mode: PWM
14.Maximum support 720Watt (24V)
15.360Watt (12V)
16.Dimension: 140mm*95mm*34mm

How To Use?
1. Digital LED display shows the 16 lighting options (by switch with 5 seconds)
2. Number display, from 0 to 7, DC output.
3. Number display, from 0. to 7. 1Hz output.
4. Digital LED stop flash to confirm correct switch selection.
5. 10 minutes delay to make sure its real dark.

1 x 30A solar charge controller
1x Users’ Manual
Trademark AGPtek products are marketed exclusively by Brainydeal, any misuse of AGPtek without prior approval from AGPtek will take legal action.


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