Price : $152.00
Brand : AIMS Power

Aims Power SCC30AMPPT 30 AMP Solar Charge Controller, 12V or 24V

This solar battery charge controller by AIMS Power features a smart tracking algorithm using MPPT charging technology & has less power loss performing at 97.5-99% efficiency, maximizing energy harvest. The tracking algorithm is automatic & varies with weather conditions. This charge controller also has temperature compensation protection using the included battery temperature Sensor. Charges 12, & 24V solar systems with Multistage charging technology & adjusts according to battery type. The aims charge controller includes LED indicators to show charging status & faults. An LCD displays key information such as battery voltage, solar panel voltage, solar panel charging current & charge mode. Users are able to revise & set the default parameters according to system design. There is also a Rs485 connection block for computer monitoring of all charge controller functions. Backed by a 2 year warranty.


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