Price : $7.99
Brand : All Powers

ALLPOWERS™ 2.5W 5V/500mAh Mini Encapsulated Solar Cell Epoxy Solar Panel DIY Battery Charger Kit for Battery Power LED 130x150mm (Solar Panel Only)

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ALLPOWERS solar panel, maybe it is the best charger

ALLPOWERS is a company in combination with solar and battery application design, development, production and sales. The ALLPOWERS power charger allows you to charge the external battery anywhere at any time. Get the ALLPOWERS battery pack now.

Use this solar panel to power a convenient appliance with free green energy from the sun.

Technical Data

* Size:130mm*150mm

* Voltage: 5V

* Current: 500mAh

* Power: 2.5W

* Conversion rate: 17%

* Weight: 92g

Standard Configuration

1. Backing: PCB

2. Protective film: PE


One year product guarantee from ALLPOWERS


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