Brand : Amzdeal

Amzdeal® 20A Solar 12v / 24v with LED Indicator Charge Power Controller / Regulator-black


Solar charge controllers are high quality, efficient and reliable solar power regulators.

Suitable for all 12/24v DC lamps. They are perfect for rural electrification

They offer a lot of possibilities and benefits.

Can be used to control lighting devices.

Regulations point: 14.4 Volts;

Low voltage disconnect: 11.1V Volts;

Low voltage reconnect: 12.6 Volts;

Microcontroller digital accuracy

Type of Charging: Series PWM & stat of charge(SOC);

4 Stages: equalization, PWM, Boost and Float, temperature compensated charging;

Electronic protections: Short circuit and over current-solar and load;

Reverse polarity-solar, load, battery;

Reverse current at night;

Limits high voltage to protect loads; Lighting protection;


Conformal coated printed circuit board;


6mA maximum.


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