Price : $219.99
Brand : AZEUS

AZEUS Portable Power Station, 250 Wh Backup Battery Generator, Off-Grid Power Supply with 110V/250W (Peak 350W) AC Outlet for Outdoors Camping Travel Hunting CPAP Emergency

If you’re looking to spend long periods of away from household AC outlets or you want to have backup power ready to go in case of an emergency, a portable power station is a good choice.

Our AZEUS portable power station is the best solution, which can give more versatility for outdoor activities like powering a campsite or screening a movie in your backyard than USB power bank or portable laptop charger, etc.

Here are the great benefits and features this product offers:

Power Your Life
With the AZEUS portable power station, you can easily stay powered on-the-go. Equipped with 250 watt-hours of capacity, this device is plenty of power for a picnic, short camping trip, or in case of an emergency or shorter blackout. It also can run a critical medical device like a CPAP and keep your electronics charged via multiple charging ports.

Safety and Non-pollution
Our power stations are silent and emission-free, which means you can use them safely inside a house during a blackout. And since there is no motor, there is no need to keep gas handy or perform the oil changes or other minor maintenance a combustion engine requires.

New Added Function
Unlike traditional power supply, it can power supply via USB ports while this device is charging. The LED flashlight can be also used when it is charging. It largely save your time in case of emergency.

Multiple Recharged Options
It can be recharged by plugging into an DC power outlet , Car charger, you can also pair with Solar Panels (NOT included) to get extra battery life, which is a pretty good idea if you’re trying to stay off the grid for a couple of days.


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