Price : $300.00
Brand : Bingogous

Bingogous Upgrade Portable Generator, 296Wh 300W Power Station with 110V AC Outlet,12V Cigarette Lighter Output, USB Output for Home/Camping/CPAP/Emergency Battery Backup/Charged Solar Panel/Wall Out

CHOOSE Bingogous Portable Generator, This is REAL LIFE SAUER!

It is a gas-free compact portable multipurpose solar generator/battery backup which integrates outdoor portable battery pack.
It also has a Battery Management System (BMS); It provides short-circuit, overcharge and overload protection, and is made of environment friendly, energy saving and fire-proof ABS material.
It is a buckup power which can charge portable electronic products.
It has 6 output ports, 2*AC ports, 1*DC ports, 2*USB ports, 1*Cigarette Lighter output, which can meet the charging needs of different products.
It is applied to various fileds such as exploration, scientific and technological reseach, media photography, camping, tourism, home etc.

Frequently Asked Question ( FAQ):

How to Calculate the Working Time for Your Device?

Working time = 296Wh / Your device power, For example, Your device’s power is 50 watt. Then the working time= 296wh/50w=5.92hrs.(theoretical)

Suggested Related Solar Panel:

We suggest you can choose 40-100W solar panel with Optimum Operating Voltage (Vmp) around 18V.

How to Check If The Generator is Fully Charged?

When the LED display shows 100%, you need to check if the light for “AC CHARGE” or “Solar Charge” has turned green; if so, it indicates that the portable power supply is fully charged.

Package Includes:
1×Portable Storage Power Supply
1×Wall charger Adapter
1×USB cable
1×User Manual


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