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Bioclimatic Architecture in Warm Climates: A Guide for Best Practices in Africa

This book provides a comprehensive, hands-on approach to bioclimatic building design in Africa. Bioclimatic design is at the core of urban sustainability, and is a critical issue in Africa, where “imported” building typologies are being used at an increasing pace, disregarding the local context and consequently causing damage to the environment, to the economy, and to the culture itself. This book provides a concise set of sustainable design guidelines to be applied in both new buildings and the refurbishment of old buildings, and integrates bioclimatic design strategies with other sustainability issues such as: cultural aspects, affordability, and urban planning. Chapters are fully illustrated with photographs and drawings and include best-practice examples and strategies making it accessible to engineers, architects, students and a broad range of professionals in the building industry.  

  • Encompasses all climatic regions in Africa;
  • Integrates bioclimatic design strategies with other sustainability issues;
  • Discusses new design to refurbishment, from urban to rural, including office buildings, residential, tourism, social housing and self building.

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