Price : $381.00
Brand : Blue Sky Energy

Blue Sky Energy SB1524iX Charge Controller 15A-12/24V MPPT IPN

12V / 20A or 24V /15A MPPT charge controller Compared to other conventional charge controllers, this 1524iX charge controller is able to increase charge current up to 30% or more because of its patented maximum power point tracking technology (MPPT).Solar Boost 1524iX�s advanced fully automatic 3-stage charge control system will properly charge flooded lead-acid, AGM and Gell batteriesk resulting in improved battery performance with less battery maintenance. The dual 15/20 amp rating will deliver up to 15 amps in 24 volt systems, or up to 20 amps in 12 volt systems. Specifications: Output Current Rating: 20 amp maximum (12V battery & 12V PV�s), 15 amp maximum (battery or PV�s > 12V nominal) Nominal Battery Voltage: 12 / 24VDC PV Input Voltage: 57VDC maximum Power Consumption: 0.20W typical standby, plus 0.40W each for charge ON & Load ON Charge Algorithm: 3-stage Bulk/Acceptance/Float, plus automatic Equalize Temperature Compensation: Optional sensor adjusts charge voltage based on battery temperature Power Conversion Efficiency: 97% Typical @ 28 Volt 12 Amp Output Communication: Blue Sky Energy�s proprietary IPN Network interface Environmental: -40 to +50�C Dimensions: Clear anodized aluminum face plate. Mounts into standard 411/16� (11.9cm) square electrical box which is included. SpecificationsBrand: Blue Sky Energy Output Voltage: 12/24V Amperage: 15-20Ah Length: 5.3″ Width: 5.3″


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