Price : $69.99
Brand : BlueFire

BlueFire Regulator LCD Solar Charge Controller 60A 12V/24V Autoswitch Solar Panel 1500W for Battery Charging

This is a new intelligent solar controller, which is equipped with industrial-grade STM 8 microprocessor to control the charge and discharge process. And, it has perfect and liable battery charge and discharge period management. The charge circuit is characterized by high efficiency and low consumption by controlling the MOSFET of the ultra-low internal resistance with PWM. This controller has multiple load control modes and is adaptable to different industries.
The product can be applied to the following occasion:
1). Outdoor environment monitoring system
2). Automatic control system for agriculture and garden
3). Solar power system
4). Communication station, WIFI hotspot
5). Street lighting system
6). other systems which are supplied by solar energy and have requirements power EMI indicator
Note: You had better connect to the battery first when you operate the system

Color: Black
Size: 22 x 12.6 x 4.6 cm
Package Weight: 1000g
System voltage of PV: 24V/48V
Compatible battery: lead-acid cell
Charge way: 3-state- PWM Charge
USB Charge port: 5V 1A

During the installation and usage, please make sure to obey by the following safety regulations and notices to avoid the damage to controller.
1). There is no maintainable part in the controller. User cannot disassemble or repair the controller without permission.
2). before installing and adjusting the connection of controller, please make sure to disconnect the connection of photovoltaic panel and the fuse or breaker around battery terminal.
3). after installation, ensure all the wire connections are reliable to avoid heat accumulation for virtual.

What is included:
1 X Solar Controller
1 X User Manual


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