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Build A Solar Hydrogen Fuel Cell System

Learn how to construct and operate the components of a solar hydrogen fuel cell system: the fuel cell stack, the electrolyzer to generate hydrogen fuel, simple hydrogen storage, and solar panels designed specifically to run electrolyzers for hydrogen production. Complete, clear, illustrated instructions to build all the major components make it easy for the non-engineer to understand and work with this important new technology.

Featured are the author’s innovative and practical designs for efficient solar powered hydrogen production including:

ESPMs (Electrolyzer Specific Photovoltaic Modules) – 40 watt solar panels designed specifically to run electrolyzers efficiently;

a 40-80 watt electrolyzer for intermittant power from renewable energy sources such as solar and wind;

and, a 6-12 watt planar hydrogen fuel cell stack to generate electricity.

Any of these components can be ganged or racked, or scaled up in size for higher output.

You’ll also learn how to set up an entire gas processing system, and where to find parts and materials – everything you need for an experimental stationary unit that will give you a solid base for building and operating systems for larger power needs. There are even schematics for adapting conventional solar panels (BSPMs – Battery Specific Photovoltaic Modules) for efficient hydrogen production, and setting up hybrid (battery and fuel cell) PV systems.

Build a Solar Hydrogen Fuel Cell System has over 135 photos and illustrations, as well as 5 templates for a planar fuel cell stack.

*NOTE* If you have never constructed a fuel cell before, we recommend you first study Build Your Own Fuel Cells by the same author, before you attempt to build the planar fuel cell stack.


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