Price : $16.95
Brand : Brand: Good Idea Creative Services

Build Your Own Fuel Cells

The technology of the future is here today – and now available to the non-engineer! Build Your Own Fuel Cells contains complete, easy to understand illustrated instructions for building several types of proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells – and, templates for 6 PEM fuel cell types, including convection fuel cells and oxygen-hydrogen fuel cells, in both single slice and stacks.

Low tech/high quality

Two different low-tech fuel cell construction methods are covered: one requires a bandsaw and drill press, and the other only a few hand tools. Anyone with minimum skills and tools will be able to produce high quality fuel cells from readily obtainable materials – contact info for materials suppliers is included.

Electrolyzers and MEAs

Build Your Own Fuel Cells includes a detailed discussion of building a lab electrolyzer to generate hydrogen to run fuel cells – and templates for the electrolyzer. Also covered is setting up a PV solar panel to power the electrolyzer, and experimental low-tech methods for producing membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs – the heart of the fuel cell).

Build Your Own Fuel Cells, 221 pages, over 140 B&W photos and illustrations, including 39 templates.


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