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Careers in Green Energy: Solar and Wind Power Jobs

FINDING A NEW JOB, ESPECIALLY IF IT IS a career change, can be tough. One way to increase your odds is to look for opportunities in green energy. It is one of the fastest growing, most innovative sectors of the economy. After years of hype and false starts, the shift to green power has begun to accelerate at a pace that is far beyond the predictions of even the most experienced experts. Wind farms with their huge towers dotting rangelands and hillsides are no longer a novel sight. Solar panels are covering more than homes. They are now blanketing everything from parking lots to airports. The increased usage has driven down the price of energy dramatically, making it competitive with fossil fuels and even natural gas.The green energy industry has been boosted by big subsidies on wind and solar power and general backing by the federal government since the turn of the 21st century. While federal subsidies are being pulled back, states and local governments are stepping up to push the industry forward. For example, Illinois has new requirements and incentives that are expected to produce dozens of solar farms to feed the state’s electric grids. In California, all new homes must be built with solar panels starting in the year 2020.If you are physically fit, have a knack for working with your hands, are not afraid of heights or bad weather, green energy could be the answer to your career choice. In addition to a future you can depend on, you will be rewarded with knowing you are contributing to a cleaner environment and helping reduce the dangers of climate change.


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