Pro/Tran 50-Amp 10-Circuit 2 Manual Transfer Switch

A510C Features: -Pro/Tran 2 series is UL listed to UL standard 1008 and is suitable for use in accordance with article 702 of the national electrical code ANSI/NFPA 70. -Made … Continue reading

Conntek GIBL530-025 DUO-RainSeal Kit 30 Amp Transfer Switch Cord/Generator Extension Cord with Inlet Box, 25′

25FT L5-30 DUO-Rain Seal Kit Generator Extension Cord with Inlet Box 2 P/3 W Grounding Locking, NEMA L5-30P male plug, NEMA L5-30R female connector Max Power: 3750W, Stays flexible in … Continue reading

Smart Management Module (SMM)

These modules are essential to a Generac power management system. They work with your transfer switch, monitoring each selected circuit and automatically supplying power where it’s needed so you can … Continue reading

Generac 6344 50-Amp 125/250V Raintight Aluminum Power Inlet Box

The Generac 6344 50-Amp 125/250-Volt Rain tight Power Inlet Box installs on the exterior of your house or building and is hard wired to your transfer switch. Use a power … Continue reading

Summates Generator Cover (Large 31.25″X23″X21.25″),Black

Summates Summates has been dedicated into outdoor and Water leisure market more than 10 years. We have steadily increased our investments in design and product development to make the most … Continue reading

Conntek 1450SS2-36 36-Foot Temporary Power Cord, 50-Amp 125/250-Volt, NEMA 14-50P Generator Plug to CS6364 Locking Connector

Temporary Power Cord NEMA 14-50P Generator Plug to CS-6364 Connector With 50-Amp Connections Power Cords are manufactured using 600-volt Type STW cable Type. Stays flexible in cold weather, Heat Resistant … Continue reading

Conntek 14344+60411 RV Generator Adapter 4-Foot 30 Amp RV Male Plug To 30 Amp Locking Female Connector

4FT STW 10/3 RV/ Generator Camp Power Pigtail Adapter Cord, NEMA TT-30P to NEMA L5-30R, 2 P / 3W Grounding, 30A straight blade to 30A Locking Connector Approval: Plug, Connector, … Continue reading

GE Emergency Power Transfer Switch TC10324R

Non-Fused Emergency Power Transfer Switch 200A, 240V

GE 57883 Outdoor Outlet Receiver Module, RF Controls Lights/Appliances

Accepts 3-prong grounded plugs. Receiver plugs into any standard 125v outlet. Device plugs into receiver. Carry transmitter anywhere. No wiring necessary. From the Manufacturer: Perfect for landscape, holiday or security … Continue reading

CycleMore 10A 12V/24V Solar Charge Controller Solar Panel Battery Regulator Safe Protection(CMP12)

What’s it?   This product can automatically manage the work of solar panel and battery in solar system. It is widely used in solar system for gardens, pools, roads, stages, etc. … Continue reading