Renewable Energy: International Perspectives on Sustainability

This book bringing together leading researchers in the field of renewable energy to discuss sustainability on a broad scale and to examine the status quo of renewable energy industry development … Continue reading

The Performance of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Systems: Analysis, Measurement and Assessment (Energy)

The Performance of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Systems: Analysis, Measurement, and Assessment offers a unique overview of the information on the state-of-the-art of analysis, measurement, and assessment of the performance … Continue reading

Molecular Devices for Solar Energy Conversion and Storage (Green Chemistry and Sustainable Technology)

This book shows the different molecular devices used for solar energy conversion and storage and the important characterization techniques for this kind of device. It has five chapters describing representative … Continue reading

Spectroscopic Ellipsometry for Photovoltaics: Volume 1: Fundamental Principles and Solar Cell Characterization (Springer Series in Optical Sciences)

This book provides a basic understanding of spectroscopic ellipsometry, with a focus on characterization methods of a broad range of solar cell materials/devices, from traditional solar cell materials (Si, CuInGaSe2, … Continue reading

Photovoltaic Costs in the United States: Analyses of Prices and Trends (Energy Science, Engineering and Technology)

Unlike traditional energy-production technologies that have ongoing consumables costs, nearly all of the costs of photovoltaic (PV) systems must be paid at the beginning. Reducing those initial capital costs is … Continue reading

Solar PV Power: Design, Manufacturing and Applications from Sand to Systems

Solar PV Power: Design, Manufacturing and Applications from Sand to Systems details developments in the solar cell manufacturing process, including information from system design straight through to the entire value … Continue reading

Organic Photovoltaics: Mechanisms, Materials, and Devices (Optical Science and Engineering)

Recently developed organic photovoltaics (OPVs) show distinct advantages over their inorganic counterparts due to their lighter weight, flexible shape, versatile materials synthesis and device fabrication schemes, and low cost in … Continue reading

A Solar Car Primer: A Guide to the Design and Construction of Solar-Powered Racing Vehicles

This exciting primer on Solar Racing literally starts from the ground up, describing how the interactions of a vehicle with its environment circumscribe its ultimate success, from aerodynamics to resistance … Continue reading

Solar Assisted Ground Source Heat Pump Solutions: Effective Energy Flows Climate Management (SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology)

This book analyses solar-assisted ground-source heat pump systems, a technology meant for producing heating and cooling energy for buildings. It focuses on ground source heat pump, reversible central heating and … Continue reading

South Africa’s Energy Transition (Routledge Focus on Environment and Sustainability)

South Africa’s energy transition has become a highly topical, emotive and politically contentious topic. Taking a systems perspective, this book offers an evidence-based roadmap for such a transition and debunks … Continue reading