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Brand : d.light

d.light D20 Solar Home System Kit

d. light D20 Solar Home System

The d. light D20 Solar Home System provides you the safety and security of having light when you need it most. The d. light D20 is the perfect way to light your off-grid structures, such as barns, sheds, cabins, tents, gazebos and more. Designed as a replacement for the kerosene lantern for rural off-grid households in developing countries, d. light utilizes the world’s best product design principles, along with cutting-edge solar and LED technology to make the highest quality, rugged, reliable and affordable solar lanterns.

Complete Kit- 2 fixed lamps with switches, portable lantern, solar panel, power unit & USB cord

Portable Lantern allows you to bring light with you
Reliable and Easy to Use

The d. light D20 Solar Home System includes two hanging lamps and a portable lantern—enough to illuminate three rooms at once. The D20 features different brightness settings for the lighting suite, and provides up to 15 hours of bright light on a single charge. The system also comes with a portable lantern that charges right off the system, so you can take bright light wherever you need it. In addition to the D20’s ability to power the fixed lamps and portable lantern, the D20 has a USB output that can charge mobile phones, smartphones and other low-power USB devices all at once. Each light comes with a separate wall switch that has a low and a high setting. While providing an electrical grid-like experience, you can actually choose the level of light they want, and the hours of power they need.


The d. light D20’s durable, state-of-the-art solar panel includes an outdoor cable (6 meters long) with and anchor points for security and flexibility. The D20 includes a compact battery and control unit packed with power and a battery indicator that shows the system’s charge level. In addition to solar power, the D20 can also be charged with an AC charger.

About d. light

d. light is a for-profit social enterprise whose purpose is to create new freedoms for customers without access to reliable power so they can enjoy a brighter future. We design, manufacture and distribute solar light and power products throughout the developing world. We aim to empower the lives of at least 100 million people by 2020. In 2004, during d. light co-founder Sam Goldman’s Peace Corps service in Benin, Africa, his neighbor’s son was badly burned by an overturned kerosene lamp. This incident, along with the knowledge that 2.3 billion people in the world still do not have access to reliable electricity, inspired Sam to participate in a class called Entrepreneurial Design for Extreme Affordability at the Stanford Design School, where he met co-founder Ned Tozun. That’s where they developed their initial prototype solar lantern and an ambitious plan to bring safe, bright, and renewable lighting to people around the globe.

All in one solar rechargeable lighting and cell phone charging system
Perfect to Light Up Off-Grid Structures

Light up sheds, barns, gazebos, cabins, tents, and more with the d. light D20 Solar Home System.

d. light D20 Highlights at a Glance
  • Two fixed lamps with wall switches connect to the power unit (can fit up to 4 fixed lamps – additional lamps sold separately)
  • A portable area lantern charges off the power unit
  • Charges cell phones off the USB output on power unit


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