Price : $7.29
Brand : DGZZI

DGZZI 2PCS 14AWG SAE Extension Cable 30CM 2 Pin SAE Single Plug Quick Disconnect SAE Power Automotive Extension Cable for Motorcycle, Car, Tractor

Product name: SAE single-head input wire (14AWG)
Specification: 2468 red and black PVC skin.
Material: new bare copper 2.03 square meters of new copper.
Voltage: 0-24V
Current: 20A
Length: 30CM
Diameter: 3.5*2mm
Input interface: 4.5mm male and female head (black wire to negative electrode, red wire to positive electrode)
Output port: 5MM tin on peeling
Weight: 28g

Much better than having to find an allen wrench to open the battery door then try to clamp those alligator clips onto the battery.
These little ring terminal harnesses are super handy to have installed on your most charged devices.
These are a must-have for old carbureted motorcycles, sticking them on my modern bikes. It is worth having one of these on every battery in your garage.
There is no need to lift the seat but still trickle charge, as you can leave it attached and tucked it in under the seat.
Use to charge battery with an accessory connector (and a USB charger) to recharge your devices, or run an air pump.
Fast and easy to connect and disconnect, you can to install on your battery for quick connection to the battery maintainer.
This is the best way to keep a battery charged on a car, or used it to keep the battery fully charged on the emergency generator.


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