Price : $89.99

ECO-WORTHY 20A 12V/24V MPPT Solar Charge Controller Solar Regulator 15-30% More Power


1.Rated system voltage:12V/24V DC

2.Max open circuit voltage of solar panel 15¡ª 42V DC 3 Max solar panel power:250W 12V / 500W 24V

4.Max output current:20A

5.Max discharge current:20A

6.Over discharge voltage:10.2-12.5V (±0.2) 12V / 20.4-25.0V (±0.2) 24V

7.Restart voltage:10.3-13.5V (±0.2) 12V / 20.5-27.0V (±0.2) 24V

8.Constant voltage(Over charge)voltage:13.0-15.5V (±0.2) 12V / 26.0-31.0V ±0.2) 24V

9.Float voltage:12.5-14.5V (±0.2) 12V / 25.0-29.0V (±60.2) 24V

10.Converter type:Buck

11.Converter efficiency:> 96%

12.Max increase efficiency:> 43%

13.Tracking efficiency:> 98%

14.Precision of clock:±50S/Month

15.Charging algorithm:PWM 3 stage

Size:5.5×5.8×1.6in(140 ×147× 42mm)


Package included:1PC 20A 12/24V MPPT solar charge controller


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