Price : $76.99
Brand : EPEVER

EPEVER 20A Dual Battery Solar Charge Controller, 12V 24V Auto Fit for RVs Or Two Separate Solar Charging System,DB-20A Controller+MT-1 Remote Controller

High efficient Dual Battery Solar Charge Controller for RVs, Caravans and boats

Package including:

1 x EPsolar EPIPDB-COM 20A Solar Controller
1 x Remote Meter MT-1(within 10m communication cable
2 x English User Manuals

EPIPDB-COM Dual Battery Solar Controller:

·Two battery charging eliminates the extra cost of two separate solar charging system
·Intelligent System Optimum Control
·12/24V auto work
·Battery type selection
·Charging frequency optional
·High efficient Series PWM charging
·Local external temperature compensation
·Remote temperature sensor optional
·Use MOSFET as electronic switch, without any mechanical switch
·Electronic protection: over charging, short circuit, battery reverse polarity protection
Remote Meter MT-1

·Display the system status and parameters with digital and graphic icon.
·Battery type selectable
·Battery Ah setting function
·Temperature compensation coefficient adjustable
·Four keys to solve the setting easily
·Control the load by manual

Rated resistance(Thermistor): 47K
Connector: 3.81mm/2P
Testing temperature: -131°F~+257°F
Testing precision: ±33°F


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