Price : $152.29
Brand : EPEVER

EPEVER mppt 30a Solar Charge Controller+MT50 Remote Controller kit, 12V 24V System Voltage Negative Ground Remote Control with TS-R RS485 Lead-Acid&Lithium Support


Model:TRIRON3210N-mppt 30A Solar Controller

System voltage: 12/24VDC auto work

Rated charge current: 30A

Battery input voltage range:8-32V

Max. PV open circuit voltage:100Vat Min operating environment temp; 92Vat 25 environment temp

MPP voltage range: (Vbat+2V)72V

Max. PV Array Power:390W/12V;780W/24V

Working environment temperature:-25℃~+55℃(with LCD)/-30℃~+55℃(without LCD)

Lithium battery: LiFePO4(4S;8S)/Li-NiCoMn(3S; 6S)

Self-consumption: ≤14mA(12V);≤15mA(24V)

Temp. compensation: -3mV/℃/2V

Grounding: Common Negative

Terminals/Wire Size: 8AWG(10mm²)

DS2 module content:

Indicators: PV & battery & load working status

Buttons: View or set the parameters

LCD: PV display voltage/current /generated energy/Power Battery display voltage/current/temperature/capacity


-Display voltage/ current/ power/ load working mode when the controller communicates with the PC or APP.

-Display voltage/current/power power consumption when the controller communicates with the inverter(only epever inverter).

UCS module content:

USB interface module: Dual USB 5V 2.2A USB output for electronic equipment, NOTE: USB interface is output when the load is ON.

COM port-RS485 interface: Controller as slave, Connect to PC or phone.

-PC software & mobile APP (For Andriod System) can remotely monitor the controller status through this port.

NOTE: PC software & mobile APP need RS485 cable or wifi box to connect your device, RS485 cable and WIFI box doesn’t include package.It is optional.

Package Including

1x EPEVER TRIRON3210N+UCS+DS2 module Negative solar Controller
1xTemputer sensor
1xRS485 communicate cable
2xMC4 Connector
1x English User Manual of controller
1x MT50 remote controller


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