Price : $11.99
Brand : EpRec

EpRec 10A 12V 24V PWM Solar Charge Controller Compatible with Lead Acid/Lithium-ion/Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

EpRec 10A Solar Charge Controller – System Requirements and Technical Specifications

-This Controller is suitable for 3 types of batterie.Battery type description:
-B1 is a lead-acid batteries(12V/24V auto)
-B2 is a lithium ion batteries(3 strings of 11.1V lithium batteries)Factory setting Default B2
-B3 is a lithium iron phosphate battery(4 strings of 12.8V)
-System Voltage: 12V/24V Auto
-Charge current: 10A
-Max input power and voltage: 120W/24V(12V system); 240W/48V(24V system)
-USB output: Dual USB output, 5V/2.5A
-Equalization: 12.6V(defaul,) / Discharge reconnect voltage: 10.5V(defaul) /Discharge stop voltage: 9(defaul)
-Turn ON/OFF light voltage: Solar pannel 8V.
-Self-consume: <10mA
-Temperature: -35℃~ 60℃
-PACKAGE LIST:10A Solar Charge Controller,English User Manual

-Eight PWM Charge Controller Protection:
-Dual MOSFET Reverse current
-Over heat protection
-Under-voltage discharge protection
-Short-circuit protection
-Open-circuit protection
-Over-load protection
-Over-charging protection
-Power off memory protection

-Intelligent solar controller:
The product can automatically manage the working of solar panel and battery in solar system. For protecting the lifespan of your battery, once the voltage of the battery drop below 8V, the solar controller will turn off automatically (LCD will be unavailable at the same time).

-Solar Controller System Connection:
-1.Connect the battery to the charge regulator – plus and minus.
-2.Connect the photovoltaic module to the regulator – plus and minus.
-3. Connect the consumer to the charge regulator – plus and minus. NOTE: The reverse order applies when deinstalling! An improper sequence order can damage the controller!


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