Price : $12.99
Brand : Storm Store

Excelvan® 10 Pairs of HC4-PV10C HC4-PV10C MC4 Male/Female Solar Panel cable Connectors

These are MC4 Style Connectors which are approved by CE, TUV. They are used to connect multiple solar panels or groups of solar panels together in a solar field, and typically used in parallel applications. The metal pin is made from high quality machined copper and sealed tip (compare to the cheap sheet metal pin) that can ensure excellent electrical contact.

-Rated Current: 30A
-Rated voltage: 1000VDC
-Suitable cable: 2.5mm 2,4mm 2, 6mm2(AWG14, AWG12, AWG10)
-Pin dimension: 4.0 mm dia.
-Contact resistance: ≤0.2mmΩ
-Waterproof degree:IP67

-Flame class: UL94-VO
-Safety Class: Ⅱ
-Withdrawal force: ≥50N
-Insertion force: ≤50N
-Insulation material: PPO + PA
-Connecting system: crimping connection

-Contact material: copper, tin plated
-Temperature range: -40 ℃ ~ +90 ℃

Package includes:
20Pairs of MC4 Male/Female Solar Panel cable Connectors
10pairs of solar connector pins (male &female)


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