Price : $49.00
Brand : Fuhuihe

Fuhuihe MPT-7210A Charge Controller Battery Solar Panel MPPT with LCD Display for 24/36/48/60/72 V Battery


Applicable to 24V/36V/48V/60V/72V battery pack system, user can set the output voltage and current according to actual need.

Innovative MPPT technology, high tracking efficiency, which can improve the generated energy.

Aluminum alloy casing and portable size, durable for use.

Working modes: MPPT and DC-DC selectable, MPPT for photovoltaic panels application and DC-DC for boost power supply.

Charging selection: applicable to lithium battery and accumulator cell.

Built-in 20 groups of data for user to set and store, support for multi-purpose.

Max. output power is 600W, best suitable for 100W-600W solar panel; the greater the power, the MPPT effect is more obvious.

With reverse charging protection: avoid the accumulator cell reversely charge the solar battery.

Reverse connecting protection: MOS reverse protection circuit for input and output end to effectively protect the controller and battery .

Overload protection: the controller will automatically cut off circuit if overload.

Wide application range: storage battery pack and lithium battery pack charging, home PV power system, solar streetlight, etc.


Color: Green.

Material: Aluminum Alloy.

Display: 160*128 TFT Color LCD Display.

Input Voltage: DC 12-60V. 

Output Voltage: DC 15-90V, Adjustable to accommodate 24V/36V/48V/60V/72V Battery.

Output Current: 0-10A Adjustable.

Output Power: 20-600W.

Working Modes: MPPT and DC-DC.

Item Size: 131 * 96 * 55mm / 5.2 * 3.8 * 2.2in.

☀Package include: 

1 * MPPT Solar Charge Controller.

1 * User Manual.


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