Price : $29.99

GOODSOZ 10W Solar Panel Fan Outdoor for Home Chicken House RV Car Gazebo Ventilation System

10W Solar panel runs the fan as green energy ventilator for RV, touring car, pet house, tree house, dog house, chicken coop, greenhouse and etc.

Package includes: 1 piece 10W 5V Solar Panel with USB out put + 1 piece USB mini fan. 

Solar Panel size: 10” * 10” . The solar panel is 5V charger with USB port for some cell phones and power bank.

The solar panel is waterproof, but the USB port at its back is not. So make sure the USB port is protected from rain or water when put outdoors.

TIPS: The solar panel must be put vertical to the sun, so that it generates maximum power.

Mini Fan Size: 10”*9”*5”

Feature: Light, Portable

The fan can work alone fast on computer or with USB plug. It has two speeds. Speed 2 runs faster when plugged to a computer or USB power plug. But it is suggested to turn on speed 1 when powered by solar panel.

When it is connected to the solar panel, speed 1 runs faster.

The fan is NOT rechargeable, NOT waterproof.

ATTENTIONS: Please be noted that this is mini USB fan, and it does work for a small space. If you are buying it for a big barn or greenhouse, it might not meet your needs.

The fan works with solar panel only in the daytime. If you want to use it at night, you can use a power bank to run the fan. It also works well.

The solar panel runs the fan fast under direct sunshine. The fan works slowly or stops working when the sunshine is weak.

TIPS: When the solar panel is put vertical to the sun, it generates the biggest power to run the fan.

A test was made at 6:30 pm, and it proved that the solar panel still runs the fan when put vertical to the sky, and the other does not when it is not top to the sky.

Use the recyclable green energy, the portable solar panel powered fan works at any place where there is sunshine.


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