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Green Construction: An Introduction to a Changing Industry

What green, sustainable, and high-performance, mean for the construction industry and its workers. Not another how-to book, nor a sermon on the benefits of environmentalism, the text provides an overview of a quickly changing construction industry and clarification of what green means and how it is impacting jobs, workers, and the built environment.

In-depth coverage of topics include:
— What is meant by terms like green, sustainable, and high performance?
— What makes constructing a green building different from constructing conventional buildings?
— How is green construction changing workers jobs?
— What are the benefits, to jobs and the economy, as well as to the environment, of green construction?
— What are the challenges and opportunities for general contractors and specialty trades?

Includes extensive coverage of:

— Green standards, codes, and rating systems
— Building certification programs such as LEED, Green Globes, and others
— Green products and materials
— Professional credentials and continuing education

Extensive appendices include a history of the green movement; How we get and use our power; How to get a building LEED-certified; and an extensive list of helpful organizations and resources. A comprehensive glossary and detailed index complete the book.

This book will be helpful to students, general contractors, tradespeople, designer, engineers, and the general public.

Written by Alison Dykstra, AIA, CSI, author of the Construction Project Management: A Complete Introduction, and presented in an understandable way.


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