Price : $29.95
Brand : The Green Pad

Green Pad Co2 Generator, 5 Pack

“Hang, Spray, and Walk Away”

The Green Pad Co2 Generator is one of the simplest and easiest ways to generate Co2 for your garden. All that you have to do is hang the pad up above your plants, lightly spray with some water, and walk away! The Green Pad is activated through moisture and will begin working immediately. Whenever you check your plants simply give the pad a spritz of water to keep it moist. Simple as that! Hang a second Green Pad up after one week and spray it just like the first pad. Doing this will allow the new pad to ramp up it’s Co2 production while the first pad starts to wind down. You may throw out your first pad after two weeks. Follow this routine and you’re set! We suggest dating your pads for a reminder of when you hung it up.

A 4’x4’x8′ tent may only need 1 or 2 Green Pads a week to keep Co2 levels at 1000 ppm.

Each package of The Green Pad will contain:

(5) 12″ x 18″ Pads
(2) Hangers
(1) Resealable Bag


How much humidity does it take to activate the Green Pad?
It takes about 35+ % Humidity to activate and produce a measured release of CO2
Higher humidity or frequent light water misting increases activation.

How many Green Pads do I need for my room?
The Green Pad works best in small to mid size hobby gardens
Use at least 1 pad per 400-500 cubic feet of space
Add more Green Pads to increase CO2 Levels for larger rooms

What level CO2 ppm can I expect using the Green Pad?

Our tests in a room 10′ x10′ x10′ (1000 cubic feet) with 3 Green Pads at 60% humidity and minimal air exchange produced 1000+ ppm
The amount of fresh air exchange plays a major role in the containment of the CO2 and the levels maintained in the room.
To maximize performance misting the pads before closing the room will increase concentrations.

Why haven’t I heard of the Green Pad before?
This technology is brand new!


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