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Grid-connected Solar Electric Systems: The Earthscan Expert Handbook for Planning, Design and Installation

Solar electricity – or photovoltaics (PV) – is the world’s fastest growing energy technology. It can be used on a wide variety of scales, from single dwellings to utility-scale solar farms providing power for whole communities. It can be integrated into existing electricity grids with relative simplicity, meaning that in times of low solar energy users can continue to draw power from the grid, while power can be fed or sold back into the grid at a profit when their electricity generation exceeds the amount they are using. The falling price of the equipment combined with various incentive schemes around the world have made PV into a lucrative low carbon investment, and as such demand has never been higher for the technology, and for people with the expertise to design and install systems.

This Expert handbook provides a clear introduction to solar radiation, before proceeding to cover:

  • electrical basics and PV cells and modules
  • inverters
  • design of grid-connected PV systems
  • system installation and commissioning
  • maintenance and trouble shooting
  • health and safety
  • economics and marketing.

Highly illustrated in full colour throughout, this is the ideal guide for electricians, builders and architects, housing and property developers, home owners and DIY enthusiasts, and anyone who needs a clear introduction to grid-connected solar electric technology.


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