Price : $23.82
Brand : Houseables

Houseables Solar Panel Mounting Brackets, Roof Panels Z Bracket, 2.5″ x 1.5″ x 3.9″, 4 Sets (16 Pc), Silver, Aluminum, Adjustable Mount Bolt Kit, Accessories for Boats, Wind Generators, RVs, Trailers

A QUALITY, SOLID DESIGN A set of sixteen total Z brackets with all necessary mounting hardware. The brackets feature a quality lightweight construction made of rust-proof aluminum. Includes short bolts, washers, nuts, and all necessary mounting hardware. USE THEM HOW YOU NEED THEM The shape of these brackets make them ideal for mounting smaller solar panels (up to 150 watts) to irregular surfaces, such as recreational vehicles, boats, cabins, and more. INSTALL YOUR SUN CATCHER Have you been thinking about mounting solar panels to your RV? There is no time like the present! Use our quality designed Z-brackets to effortlessly install your panels. Benefits of solar power include: saving money on fuel, reducing your carbon emissions, lower maintenance, noise reduction, and freedom from standard campsites.


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