Brand : Instapark

Instapark® MPPT-2010 12V/24V 20 Amp Solar Power Charge Controller, 240W/480W

The Instapark MPPT series solar charge controllers are designed and engineered to prevent your solar-powered battery from overcharging and excessive discharging, therefore protect your investment and extend the battery life. Equipped with MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology, this 20 amp charge controller ensures that your battery will reach its maximum charging capacity by sampling the output of the cells and applying a resistance (load) to optimize the ideal voltage and current conditions, therefore maximize the power gain from the solar panel for any given environmental conditions, resulting in highest charging efficiency, fastest recharging and a healthy battery at its fullest capacity.

All MPPT series solar charge controllers are in full conformance with both CE and RoHS standards and are backed up by a standard 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Nominal voltage: 12 / 24V, automatic recognition
Input voltage range: 12-20V/ 24-40V
Full charge cut (under no load): 13.7-14.4V/27.4-28.8V
Load disconnection voltage: 10.5-11V/21-22V
Temperature compensation: -3 mV/cell*K
Max. solar panel current: 20 amp @ 122°F
Max. load current: 20 amp @ 122°F
Dimensions: 8.5 x 4.5 x 2 inches
Weight: 2 lbs
Max. wire size: 12 mm2
Self-consumption: < 45 mA
Effciency: 95%-97%
Ambient temperature range: -40 to + 122°F


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