Brand : Insteon

Insteon – 8 Button Keypad – Light Almond “Product Category: Home Automation/System & Controllers”

8 Button Keypad – Light Almond

Your home at your fingertips.Replace an existing light switch with the INSTEON Keypad Dimmer and remotely control multiple lights and appliances all over your home from a single keypad. Keypad Dimmer can dim and control a directly connected load up to 600 watts and up to five devices or scenes throughout your home. It’s like having five switches in the place of one.One button to rule them all.Scenes let you control multiple lights from a single button. With the push of a button, you can launch various scenes like Movie Time, Entertaining, Away and have all of the lights in your home react accordingly. Lights will dim, brighten and ramp to their final value elegantly and quickly. Place a Keypad at your entry and quickly turn off or on every light with a Home or Away scene.Signaling like you’ve never seen it before.The new Keypad Dimmer features INSTEON’s patented dual-band technology. Signals travel over both the traditional powerline and RF for unparalleled reliability. Every Keypad Dimmer receives and rebroadcasts INSTEON messages, too, strengthening your network. No other home control technology even comes close.Dirty power? No problem.An enhanced internal power supply can now handle voltages from 100 to 270 VAC, 50/60 Hz, meaning that even environments with rough or dirty power can take advantage of Keypad Dimmer. With support for 240V and dual-band, even multi-phase buildings can use Keypad Dimmer.Color has never been so helpful.Keypad Dimmer includes an updated Status LED that alternates Red and Green depending on states and programming modes. It’s never been easier to diagnose signaling errors or locally program your Keypad.Status LEDThe new Red/Green status LED is hidden behind the set button, unobtrusive when not needed. An improved internal firmware utilizes the red and green colors to make setting local on level, ramp rate and factory reset easier than ever before.CustomizableChange the keypad color or the …


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