Price : $197.99
Brand : IPI

IPI BERG Dual Fuel Extender for Generators

USA MADE IPI Industries BERG System II keeps 2 of your generators runnin’ long and strong! Keep your generators running for up to 36 hours long! Using these specially designed gas caps, along with a 6-gallon polyethylene fuel tank and connecting hose lines, you’ll never have to refill the generator in the middle of the night again… all with no alterations required! Simply put, it’s the best “plug and play” System on the market! Works with: Honda models: EU1000i; EU2000i.; Generac models: IX800; IX1600; IX2000.; ETQ models: IN800i; IN1800i; All Power models: APG 3101; APG3102 Order today! IPI BERG Dual Fuel Extender for Generators


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