Price : $249.95
Brand : K-TOR

K-tor Emergency Disaster Kit: 10 Watt, 120 Volt, Hand Crank Generator, and 20 Watt Pedal Generator, Cell Phone Charger, Any Portable Electronic Charger

SAME DAY FREE SHIPPINGThe K-Tor Pocket Socket 2 is a 10 watt hand crank generator. It produces 120 Volts and delivers it on a standard 120 volts AC socket. It is compatible with all cell phone chargers and most all portable electronics chargers. Just plug in your charger like you would at home and crank and it will charge up your portable device. It is build from sturdy polycarbonate plastic with thick walls to insure high strength and durability.
The K-Tor Power Box is a 20 Watt pedal generator with an universal international power socket. Plug in your wall charger and charge your portable electronics at the same rate as plugging in a wall outlet. You can charge multiple devices at once up to 20 watts or an external battery to power larger devices like laptops or appliances.


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