Brand : Levin™

Levin™ Sol-Wing 13W Ultra-slim Highest Efficiency Solar Panel Portable Solar Charger Compatible with GPS Units, iPhone, iPad, Samsung, LG, Nokia, Motorola, Blackberry, eReaders, Bluetooth Speakers, Gopro Cameras, Mp4, Mp5, Andriod Tablets & All Other 5V USB Devices


Provides endless power for your device!

Why choose Sol-Wing?
Sol-Wing captures more sun than conventional solar panels, which means we generate more electricity per panel, and we use less panel to produce the energy you need. The result? With Sol-Wing, you need not to worry your devices run off power, enjoy the greatest happiness during your travel.

Highest Efficiency
According to third party tests, Sol-Wing has highest efficiency of 22%, produce more juice than other solar panel pack, with only 2 monocrystalline silicon panels, but it captures more sunlight and converts light into energy more efficiently, with its 13W output, full charge your iPhone just need 4 hours!

Best Design
More portable than any other 13w solar panel pack, its total weight is only 0.94lb, backside pouch hold your mobile phone or other accessories inside perfectly, eyeholes design makes it convenient to attach on backpack for use on the go.

Highest Quality
Monocrystalline silicon panels produced by Sunpower company guarantee its quality, it won’t be broken even bent up to 90 degree, the stretchy Polyester canvas provides perfect protection for Monocrystalline silicon panels and circuit.

Get to know us
found by a group of 90’s who love life and advocate science, Levin devotes offering green, safe and smart energy, developing fashionable and creative electronics for global customers.


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