Price : $18.59
Brand : Taidda

Lithium Battery Charging Protection Board, 14S 48V 100A BMS PCB Balance Charging Over Discharge Charge Temperature Protection 14 Strings Series Protect Module

Condition: 100% Brand New
Model: TK14S40A-10M/V1
Single Overcharge Protection Voltage: 5.24±0.025V
Single Overcharge Release Voltage: 4.19±0.05V
Rated Charging Current: ≤40A
Single-Chip Over-Discharge Protection Voltage: 2.8±0.08V
Single-Chip Over-Discharge Release Voltage: 3.0±0.08V
Discharge Protection Current: 120±10A
With Or Without Short Circuit Protection: Yes
Short Circuit Protection Recovery Condition: Load-Disconnect
Equilibrium Voltage: 4.25V
Equilibrium Current: ≤26Ma
Internal Resistance: ≤3.5mΩ
Self-Consumption: ≤50uA
Weight: Approx. 108g / 3.8oz
Size: Approx. 60 * 90 * 10.1mm / 2.4 * 3.5 * 0.4in

Package List:
1 * Lithium Battery Protection Balance Board Module
1 * Connecting Cable

1. The difference between the split port and the same port: the split port: when charging and discharging, the positive and negative poles are separated; the same port: charging current is the same as the discharge current, and charging and discharging are in the same place.
2. Without balance and balance: balance: when the high-voltage battery is discharged with a resistor, waiting for the low-voltage battery to charge the voltage to achieve the same voltage and improve the performance of the whole battery.


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