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Minimalist Living Off The Grid: The No Nonsense Guide To Off Grid Minimalism Living Using Solar Power

Solar power plus off grid living equals minimalist living. What?

Let me explain…

Minimalism at its core is about you living with less.

Living with less financial burdens.

Which means you live with less debt.

That directly makes you more happier and less stressed.

It also means that you reduce your carbon footprint.

Going green.

Living with less reliance on the ‘grid’.

You can be free.

How do you be free by installing solar power and not break the bank?

Not only that, how do you live off the grid?

Good news, you have all the answers on your screen right now.

In this book your will discover:

  • The one key benefit to solar power… page 25
  • The two most important factors in energy consumption… page 32
  • A quick overview on solar power for your RV or camper… page 37
  • Mistakes to avoid when selecting your solar power system… page 43
  • The one thing to avoid in maintaining your system… page 61
  • What the heck is off-grid living anyways? … page 76
  • What are the three keys to the right mindset?… page 87
  • Get prepared in just 6 easy steps … page 91
  • Mistakes to avoid when choosing your location … page 97
  • How far off grid is right for you? … page 107
  • Foods you didn’t know were this good for you to not just survive but thrive! … page 123
  • What the essential components are to surviving year-round no matter the weather … page 112

    By now you are thinking…

    What if I can’t do it?

    What if I am not ready?

    Believe that you can do it.

    You don’t necessarily have to leave the city to start.

    You can do it in steps.

    It all starts with your conscientious choice.

    You can start small and take steps to live with less.

    Or just go big right from the start.

    Are you ready?

    Like, seriously ready?

    Take action now. Buy the book today. Don’t wait for tomorrow.


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