Price : $20.98
Brand : MISOL

MISOL PWM Solar regulator 10A / Charge Power Controller / Regulator 12V / 24V 10 Amp solar charge controller

Manual ON/OFF
It is an economic controller for off grid solar system, especially for rural solar home system
Automatically control the charge and discharge
Easy to operate

Microcontroller digital accuracy
PWM Charge mode
State of charge (SOC)
Temperature compensation
Automatic detection of the voltage

Electronic protection
Short circuit protection
Reverse polarity protection
Reverse current protection at night
Over charging or discharging protection
Over load protection

3 LED indicators
PV: Green: charging
Battery: Green-Yellow-Red
Load: Red -low voltage warning and disconnect
LED blinking shows mistakes
Battery voltage parameters (TEMPCO -30mV/, 25 cel. degree)
Equalize charging voltage:14.8V;x2/24V
Boost charging voltage:14.4V;x2/24V
Float charging voltage:13.7V;x2/24V
Low voltage reconnect charging voltage:13.2V;x2/24V
Under voltage warning voltage: 12V; x2/24V
Low voltage disconnect voltage :11.1V;x2/24V
Equalize duration:60 MINS
Boost duration 60 MINS

Environmental parameters
Working temperature: -35 to +55Cel. degree
Enclosure IP30
Terminal 2.5mm2
Net weight 0.15KG


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