Price : $37.20
Brand : Morning Star

Morningstar SHS-6 Solar Controller 6 Amp 12 Volt 100 Watts

Morningstar Solar Controller Morningstar’s SHS controller was specifically designed to meet the needs of rural solar home systems in developing countries. This controller provides many features and benefits not available on other controllers. It is ideal for rural electrification systems with one to three solar panels. This controller is not sold in the USA or Canada. Specifications: Solar Current: 6A / 100 Watts Load Current: 6A / 100 Watts System Voltage: 12V Low Voltage Disconnect: 11.5V Low Voltage Reconnect: 12.6V Features: Low Cost High Reliability – Has a low failure rate and will last a long time Complete Electronic Protections – Has built-in electronic fuses that do not require replacement. Any wiring mistakes during installation will not damage controller Tropicalization – Protected with a moisture-tight coating, minimizing damage from humidity and nesting insects Easy to Use – Fully automatic and requires no adjustments or user selections Provides Controller and Battery Information – Has LED Indicators Better Battery Charging High Quality Automated Production Meets International Testing Standards Multi-language Documentation SpecificationsBrand: Morningstar   Output Voltage: 12V   Length: 5.9″   Height: 1.4″   Width: 2.6″   Warranty Life: 5yrs


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