Brand : M&T Tech

M&T Tech Solar Powered Outdoor String Fairy Lights 4.8M 20 Multi Color Icicle For Garden Patio Porch Lawn Party Wedding Christmas


1. Shape: Icicle

2.Color: Multi color

3.Lamp beads quantity: 20

4.Length: 4.8M

5.Battery: built-in rechargeable 1.2V 240mAh NIMH battery

6.Solar panel type: 70x80mmmm Amorphous silicon

7.The distance from the first Icicle lamp bead to the solar panel: 1.8m

8.The distance between two lamp beads: 15cm

9.Charging time: 6-8 hours.

10.Working time: 8-12hours

11.Waterproof: IP44

How to Install:

1. Put the stake onto the tube;
2. Find a place for the lights with clear and full exposure to the sun. Insert
the stake into the ground;
3. Fixed the string light to anywhere that you want to decorate;
4. Remove the protective film from the solar panel, press the “ON / OFF” button,
then the string lights will work properly. Press the “MODE” button when you want
to change function mode.


1. To maintain a long using life, please do not use it in the water.
2. Switch ON1 for Fast flash mode, ON2 for Slow flash mode,and ON3 for Steady
3. Make sure the switch is turned to “ON”, if not, the battery will not be
4. It is important to position the solar panel where is will receive maximum
sunlight. The position needs to be where it is free from cover or
shade,ideally,in a position that received full sun throughout the day.
5. Solar lights will not be bright in day time until in a dark condition.
6. The volume of solar energy converted and stored everyday decides lighting
performance. It varies with the intensity of sunlight, user’s geography
locations, weather conditions and shift of seasons.


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