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Nanovate: Commercializing Disruptive Nanotechnologies

This book introduces readers from diverse backgrounds to the principles underlying nanotechnology, from devices to systems, while also describing in detail how businesses can use nanotechnology to redesign their products and processes, in order to have a clear edge over their competition. The authors include 75 case studies, describing in a highly-accessible manner, real nanotechnology innovations from 15 different industrial sectors. For each case study, the technology or business challenges faced by the company are highlighted, the type of nanotechnology adopted is defined, and the eventual economic and social impact is described.

  • Introduces fundamentals of nanotechnology and its applications in a highly-accessible manner
  • Includes 75 case studies of commercializing nanotechnology from 15 industrial sectors, including Automotive, Consumer Electronics, and Renewable Energy
  • Enables nanotechnology experts to learn simple and important business concepts to facilitate the transfer of science to the market
  • Introduces business owners to various means to resolve industrial challenges using nanotechnologies


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