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Nature as Teacher: New Principles in the Working of Nature (Ecotechnology)

Viktor Schauberger was one of the first genuine environmentalists. In the 1930s he was predicting ecological catastrophe when no-one else could see it coming. He foresaw: Global warming and its devastating consequences Increasing violence and lawlessness as the direct result of destructive methods which block Nature’s energies and balance. The destruction of the world’s forests and ecosystems. This, and the fact that he developed free energy machines through harnessing the magical processes of Nature, has made Viktor Schauberger truly a man of our times. Nature as Teacher details Schauberger’s thinking about environmental catastrophe. It includes correspondence with contemporaries and, in particular, his feelings of frustration at the blindness of those in mainstream science who seemed to him to be more concerned with their own welfare and pride than with the fate of humanity. This volume gives tremendous insight into what is happening on the Earth today and presents practical solutions on how we may yet save our precious world.


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