Price : $19.89
Brand : Nature Power

Nature Power 30058 5.8-Amp/95-Watt AC to DC-Voltage Converter/Charge Controller

Converts household AC power to DC power for running your 12-volt portable products at home, in the office or anywhere AC power is available. The perfect solution for lost AC chargers, use your car charger at home with the AC to DC Converter. Lets you run any 12-volt product with a 12-volt plug off your household AC power. Have beverages cold in your portable cooler in any room of your house. The ACDC 5.8-Amp Converter takes the household AC power 110-volts to 120-volts and converts it to 12-volt DC power with a maximum output of 5.8-amp. Will power or charge any 12-volt product with a draw of 5.8-amp or less. The ACDC Converter is equipped with a seven foot cord, runs silently and is equipped with heat sinks to ensure it will run cool.


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