Brand : XD Design

New Window Emergency Solar Battery Charger for iPhone iPod MP3 MP4 Mobile Phones (silver)

1.Solar panel: 5-5.5V/110mA/0.6W
2.Capacity of polymer battery: 1800mAH can be used circularly for 500

3.Micro USB Input: 5V/1A
4.USB 2.0 Output: 5V/1A
5.WEIGHT: about 0.24kgs
6.Size:118×118 x 18 mm
7.Color :Black ,White ,Green ,Red ,Silver
8.Internal battery can be fully charged via micro USB within 2 hours
9.It can be fully charged under direct strongly sunlight with 10-15

10.There are suction around this solar charger which enables it to be

sucked onto the window of the car or your home
11.Material: Environment friendly ABS
12.Can be applicable to GPS,IPHONE,other mobile
phones,IPOD,Mp3/4,digital camera etc


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