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OOYCYOO 80A Solar Charge Controller 80 amp Solar Panel Regulator with Load Timer, 12V 24V Auto with LCD Display USB 5V 1500mA and Usd for Control Landscape Lights and Water Features(L80A)

This is a compatible PWM charge controller PWM intelligent/efficient/energy saving, he not only has efficient PWM controller charging function to automatically track the maximum power point,
10%-30%higher than the ordinary controller charging efficientcy
standby energy saving
Also has more than 30% energy than ordinary controller, the standby power consumption of only 10mA-15mA.

This is a three-Period(time) controller
into the evening (evening) working time
an interval of rest or pause time
Dawn working time (morning light function)
the user can according to their needs ,set a different time.
 A: time(evening working);B: time(Pause working); C: time(dawn working)

Warm Tips:
1. Always connect the battery before connect the solar panel, disconnect in reverse order.
2. Make sure your battery has enough voltage for the controller to recognize the battery type
3. If an inverter is to be connected to the system, connect the inverter directly to the battery, not to the load side of the controller.
4. A fuse which current is 1.25 to 2 times the rated current of the controller, must be installed on the battery side with a distance from the battery not greater than 150 mm.

LCD screen display
Easy operation interface
PWM charging mode
Parameter user can reset
A key to open and close the load
A key to restore the factory settings
Battery reverse discharge protection
Battery reverse polarity protection
Battery under voltage protection
Overload, short-circuit protection
Automatic temperature compensation function,
Can charge and discharge at the same time, Always keep the battery in full status
USB 5V charge (current 1500mA) Optional

Package contents:
1* L80A PWM Solar Controller
1* English User Manual
1* Temp Sensorand


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