Price : $289.99

OOYCYOO MPPT Charge Controller 100 amp 12V/24V Auto, 100A Solar Panel Charge Regulator with Blacklight LCD Display Max 100V for Lead-Acid Sealed Gel AGM Flooded Lithium Battery

OOYCYOO MPPT Solar Charge Controller K100AL-Pro ,100A , 12V/24V Auto Work
K series mppt solar charge controller is P series new upgrade version,Better funcations and advanced technology .

Added Features:
★Blacklight LCD Display
★The display directly shows the amount of charge: KWH, without the need for other measuring instruments
★Two new vents are added for scientifically designed convection cooling.
★More Safety Protection
★Maximum DC/DC transfer efficiency is as high as 98.7%

K100 Technical datas :
Rated charge current:100A
12V system:open circuit voltage ≤48V(Voc) maximum. PV input power:1200W
24V battery system:Open circuit voltage ≤96V(Voc) maximum.PV input power:2400W
System nominal voltage :12V/24VDC Auto identifying
Battery voltage range: 9V~32V
Max.PV open circuit voltage:100VDC
Power terminal:10 AWG
Dimension: 12.2*8.3*4.3mm
Weight : 5LB

Protection function:
PV Over Current/power
PV Short Circuit
PV Reverse Polarity
Night Reverse Charging
Battery Reverse Polarity
Battery Over Voltage
Battery Over Discharge
Battery Overheating,Controller Overheating
Lithium Battery Low Temperature
Load Short Circuit
Load Overload
TVS High Voltage Transients

Package List:
1 x 100A MPPT Solar Charge Controller K100AL-Pro
1 x Temperature sensor
1 x User Manual (English)


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