Brand : koulate

Photovoltaic Solar Charge Controller, 12V 10A Automatic Identification Solar Panel Battery Regulator Automatic Identification Smart Controller Special for Small Solar Power System

Material: PS
Color: Black
System Voltage: DC12V
Self-consuming: 10MA
Rated Charge Current: 10A
Rated Load Current: 10A
Overcharge Protection: 14.4V/28.8V
Overdischarge Protection: 10.8V/21.6V
Load over-voltage Protection: 16.5V/34V
Maximum Open Circuit Voltage for Solar Cell: 25V/36V
Working Temperature: -20℃ – 50℃
Size: Approx. 10.2 * 9.5 * 3.7cm / 4.01 * 3.74 * 1.45inch
Weight: Approx. 142g

Package List:
1 x Controller
1 x Manual

1. Open the cover of controller, install the controller according to the manual.
2. Connect the battery’s positive and negative electrodes to the 3rd and 4th terminals from left of the controller. 
*If the led indicator (LOAD) turns on, which means this step is right, and keep on
3. Connect the solar panel’s positive and negative electrodes to the 1st and 2nd terminals from left of the controller.
4. Connect the device’s positive and negative electrodes to the 5th and 6th terminals from left of the controller.
* Charging indicator on, means it’s in charge, flashing means in floating charge. If it’s off, which means stop charge.
* Load indicator on means it has output and supports working, off is not.

1. Please confirm the rated voltage of the solar panel, battery and device before connection. The rated voltage of the three shall be the same, and they are all 6V, 12V or 24V.
2. The rated current of solar panel and load shall not be greater than the rated current of the controller.


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