Price : $35.00

PIKASOLA Wind Turbine Charge Controller Mini Wind Turbine Generator Controller IP67 Waterproof 12V/24V Automatic Controller Suitable for 400Watt 500Watt 600Watt Wind Turbine System

Part 1:Notice

1. Make sure the output voltage of thewind turbine is consistent with the rated voltage of the battery.

2. First connect the positive andnegative poles of the battery, then connect the three-phase voltage output ofwind turbine.

3. Although the controller has takenprotective measures against a variety of possible contingencies, it is stronglyrecommended that users strictly comply with operating procedures to preventsignificant damage to batteries and controllers.

Part 2:Parameter

Model Number:PIKAW600W

Suitable for:0-600W wind generator

Rated operating voltage: DC 12V/24V

Braking voltage:DC15V-30V

Brakes operating current:50A/25A

Static power consumption:8mA

Protection class: Waterproof IP67

Display: LED 

Service for: horizontal axis and vertical axis wind turbines, AC or DC wind turbine

Working temperature and humidityrange:-35℃-75℃

Part 3:Packing

1*wind turbine controller


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